How to set up a newborn photography session using natural light

I use windows and natural light at all of my newborn photography sessions. I believe that using the sunlight through the windows in your home casts the most beautiful light on a newborn’s gently, creamy skin.

My friend and fellow photographer, Scott Wyden, asked me to put together an article about how I position a baby near a window and use natural light during my sessions.

Click here or on the image below to read the full article.

How to use natural light for newborn photography

For this and other inspiration for newborn photography, follow my dedicated Pinterest board here.

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What I’ve been up to

I took a break from shooting newborns during January and February of this year to focus on my educational efforts for other photographers. I’ve been quite busy and needed to focus my time toward some projects that were really important to me. As a result, I halted shooting for the past two months.

I’m now accepting photo sessions for the spring and summer months.

Here are some things I accomplished during my “time off” from shooting:

  • I launched the first ever Dream Bigger Conference for creative entrepreneurs.
  • I began drafting my third e-book, a guide to creating a photography business plan.
  • I agreed to be the keynote speaker at the annual Canadian Imaging Conference in Winnipeg next month.
The online conference I launched with dozens of creative entrepreneurs in attendance in January of 2014

The online conference I launched with dozens of creative entrepreneurs in attendance in January of 2014

I’m happy that I was able to concentrate on some other really exciting projects, but missed shooting and cuddling with newborns.

If you’re expecting a baby or know someone who is, inquire about booking a session or ordering a gift certificate.

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A walk around town | Personal work from Ardmore editorial photographer

“Okay, we’re going to break into teams and play a pretend World Cup,” my son’s soccer coach cheerfully announced in his thick British accent.

As I turned away to walk through the park, the fallen leaves crunched and snapped beneath my feet like a blanket of Rice Krispies. I faintly heard the boys begin to playfully negotiate which country they would play for as the game commenced.

A smile graced my face for a second as I thought, “I have a rare hour to myself.”

My camera felt heavy around my neck, as if reminding me to start looking around for interesting pieces of composition. Instantly, the landscape and elements of nature that surround my life every day shot to the foreground of my vision. Typically, with my eyes pointed down, it mostly goes unnoticed.

Not today.

It was nature’s opportunity to shine, and things immediately sputtered to life.

The gigantic oak trees stood in a row like soldiers at attention.
Ardmore Editorial Photographer

The fiery red maple leaves danced and swayed back and forth, clamoring to get noticed.
Ardmore editorial photographer

The hedge forced itself into an entryway shape that desperately beckoned a willing visitor.
Main Line editorial Photographer

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Personal photography assignment | Haverford, PA

Normally, I am cuddling sweet little babies during my newborn photography sessions. But this time, I thought I’d head out with a slightly larger (okay he’s seven) baby of my own.

Ever since my son’s Kindergarten school picture came home and made me cringe, my husband and I have settled that we will no longer purchase school photos of our kids (except for maybe the entire class picture).

Perhaps it’s the constant camera documenting life, but my kids don’t really know what to do when someone says to them, “say cheese”, “say monkeys” or “say sillies”. It’s the “eeze” sound that makes the average kid smile nicely. But our kids either do nothing but stare at the camera or they make a Cheshire Cat-looking grin that no one (not even a mother) wants hanging in her home.

So I took my son out to Haverford College’s nature trail, right here in Haverford, PA, and we walked along, talked about school and I captured these three images of my son.

haverford newborn photographer

As we walked and talked, my son started telling me numerous knock knock jokes (his favorite conversation piece).

Haverford newborn photography

This is what happens when you don’t say “say cheese” but you just talk and laugh.

Haverford newborn photography

I captured this one as he was waiting for people walking on the path between us to pass by.

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What if images moved? A video from a Downingtown newborn photographer.

There is something about moving images put to music that makes me emotional. I don’t think it’s just me. I bet it’s you, too.

You find that still images evolve into elements of bigger meaning as they move and dance to music being played. If you’ve ever watched a historical documentary, this happens in those, as well. The images (albeit still, because they’re old and photography was all that existed back then) grow to have greater meaning and greater impact when they move to music on the cinema screen.

Since I truly feel this feeling is the case for most people, especially the parents of a newborn baby, I thought it would be cool to do a little testing with video for my newborn photography business.

I wanted to witness the reaction of parents seeing their newborn baby photographed in the most beautiful ways possible, in the most emotionally, lovingly way I could envision possible. I wanted to pull back from seeing those images on my computer screen and watch someone see them for the first time as a fly on the wall. So secretly, I’m sitting in the back of the room. I’m giving them limited privacy to experience it as wonderfully as they’re capable of experiencing it.

So I thought it would be fun to put together a video of all of the images shot at a recent newborn shoot I had in Downingtown, PA.

Here it is:

Interested in gaining an experience of intense emotion for yourself? Inquire about a session here.

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Baby Rebecca | Downingtown Newborn Photographer

As I drove to this newborn photography session in Downingtown, PA, I was charmed and sweetened by the rustic farm-style homes and scattered farming equipment that decorated the landscape of Downingtown. The stone farm houses reminded me of Vermont a little bit. The cool fall air helped finish off the atmospheric charm of the scenic views and rolling hills.

One of the best things about being a newborn photographer is discovering new places a mere few miles from where I live in Ardmore, PA.

So becoming a Downingtown newborn photographer for a day certainly had it’s pluses. Not to mention the warm, inviting family that cares for the sweet baby girl I got to photograph that day.

When you look at her, don’t you adore her little features, beautiful eyelashes and warm complexion? Her temperament and easy-going nature made her one of those babies that makes you think about having more babies. You know, the dangerous kind that makes parenthood seem like a piece of cake.

Exquisite in home photography by Downingtown newborn photographer

Instantly fell in love with the little bubbles on her lips while she slumbered inside that lilac-colored newborn wrap:

Luxury newborn portraits by Downingtown newborn photographer

If you live in the Downingtown / Exton area, I would love to take another trip out there to photograph your newborn.

Inquire about booking your own newborn photography session.

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Newborn baby girls hold a special place in my heart

They really do. And the reason why is because I always imagined that I’d have one of my own.

Alas, I was blessed with two energetic, vibrant little boys. I’m very thankful for that, but, admittedly getting used to sports and physical action 24/7 has taken some effort.

Confession of a Bucks County newborn photographer

When I was little, I was a very girlie girl. I loved dresses, coloring and dolls. I was into pretty much anything girl-related. Growing up with two older brothers, however, prepared me for a life of living with boys.

So whenever I get a call to a photograph baby girl I can’t help but get really, really excited.

In a recent case, I was blessed enough to be contacted by a dear friend who knew she had a little girl in her belly. That little girl arrived and one week later, I was lucky enough to photograph her.

Here are two images from that shoot:

bucks county newborn photographer

This little girl stayed awake for the first part of the session. She was very interested in the camera.

bucks county baby photographer

After a few photos, I set up a backdrop change while her mommy fed her. She drifted off to sleep.

Interested in scheduling a newborn photography shoot in and around Bucks County? Contact me here and I’d be happy to discuss hosting a photography session for your little one.

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7 reasons why in-home sessions are better

Bryn Mawr Newborn Photographer
When you’ve just arrived home from the hospital with a newborn, doing just about anything is a feat. So when I opened my own photography business, I was determined to find a way to make it easier for people like you to get photographs taken of your baby in their earliest days of life.

It was because of this that I decided to do in-home newborn photography sessions.

7 reasons why in-home newborn photography sessions are better for you and your baby:

1. No travel involved.
I bring everything to your home, including a posing pillow for your baby, backdrops, blankets and, of course, my camera.

2. Your baby is comfortable.
Your baby is most comfortable inside of your home. So why go anywhere when a photography shoot can successfully happen inside your home?

3. You’ve got everything you need.
Let’s face it, as a new mother, you’ve got your own needs to worry about, too. When you can access everything right at home, there’s no need to stress about packing up your essentials.

4. You can take a nap.
Many of my clients take a cat nap during my sessions. Perhaps it’s the sound of the white noise maker that I bring with me to every shoot. The sound is very relaxing to babies and parents alike.

5. Weather always permits.
For winter babies especially, going outdoors in the earliest days is not always recommended if it can be avoided. But when your photography session occurs at home, you don’t have to worry about the chill of the air or being in a studio full of other people’s germs.

6. Snacks and drinks are within arm’s reach.
Another thing my clients love to do when I’m photographing is eat. A photography session is a great time to spoil yourself a little bit with a relaxing lunch or snack.

7. You can nurse or feed your baby comfortably.
As a new mother, nursing was a big challenge for me. I was very timid to do this in public at first. When your baby is photographed inside your home, you can whisk the baby away for a private feeding session within your own home, if this makes you more comfortable, too.

Whenever you book a newborn photography session with me, you’re the only client booked for that day. Most sessions take two hours, but sometimes the baby simply needs more time to feed or fall asleep. And that’s okay. Since I only book one session each day, I’m able to spend extra time with each baby to ensure amazing images are captured every time.

Inquire about booking your own newborn photography session.

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5 sources for totally awesome and unique nursery ideas

One of my favorite things about being pregnant with my first baby was planning the nursery. I didn’t want a baby room like any other. It had to be different. So, with big belly and all, I went to town creating some striped walls to help house the unique furniture that I found in a tiny baby furniture shop here on the Main Line.

Where to get totally unique nursery ideas

There are so many neat ideas out there for nurseries, now. Here are some of my favorite places for inspiration:

1. Get Inspired By Project Nursery
Project Nursery offers a huge Pinterest board full of thousands of unique nursery ideas. If you’re a DIY type, get your craft ideas flowing here. If you’re not, there are great links to places where you can buy some seriously cute (and original) nursery decor things.
Project Nursery full of unique nursery ideas Philadelphia

2. Custom Bedding By ThePincushionStore on Etsy
See ya later, Pottery Barn. For the same money, you can order custom baby bedding from Etsy and get one-of-a-kind bedding for your little one. The color palette ideas become endless, since so much in the nursery is inspired by the bedding colors and patterns. Check this little adorable one out from ThePincushionStore on Etsy.
Unique nursery bedding philadelphia

3. Snoop In Other People’s Nurseries Via Dwelling Gawker
That’s what Dwelling Gawker does for you. Check out some totally unique nursery ideas in their nursery gallery.
Nursery Ideas Philadelphia Gallery from Dwelling Gawker

4. Furniture That Doesn’t Look Like Anyone Else’s Furniture By Petit Nest
I scoured the catalogs in the furniture store I bought my first baby’s furniture from, because I didn’t want something that everyone else had. Oh how I wish Petit Nest was around back then. For truly unique furniture, check them out.
Unique Nursery Furniture Philadelphia

5. One-Of-A-Kind Photography Of Your Newborn
There is nothing more unique than your little one. So save some space inside the nursery for unique photography of your little one.

A wall left blank, intentionally, for newborn photography to be hung after the baby was born
Plain nursery wall

And here’s the same wall again with the unique canvases of the newborn photographs hung over the crib:
Unique newborn photographer Philadelphia

If you want a totally unique nursery and live in the Philadelphia area, inquire about booking your own newborn photography session and receive custom wall prints of your newborn baby.

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Let me tell you a little story about these feet

wynnewood newborn photographer

My first son’s feet when he was just a few days old.

Whenever I look at this photograph, memories come flooding back. And the memories vary, depending on the day.

Sometimes the photograph of these feet causes me to think about how little these feet used to be. And how soft the skin was. Or how they flexed back and forth with excitement when I entered a room.

Sometimes I think about kissing them to just get the earliest smiles out of their owner.

Sometimes I think about the time I counted (and then recounted) each toe just to make sure all 10 were there.

Sometimes I remember these feet kicking me from the inside when I was in a business meeting, distracting me from whatever pointless topic was being discussed. I remember reaching down to give them a pat in thanks for making me remember what really mattered in life.

I laugh when I think about how long and skinny the body used to be that they were attached to (and how long and skinny it still is).

I am blown away at how fast they grew. I am grateful to have this photograph printed in my living room next to a cast of one of the little tiny feet, so I can always remember how peaceful it once was.

Now these feet go racing.

They kick soccer balls into nets.

They kick and splash in summertime water.

They chase things and get into trouble.

They dance silly dance moves that make me laugh.

They hang out of a twin bed every night.

They get tucked back in every night, too.

I am so grateful for this photograph of these little feet. I remember the day I took it, too. It was sunny and we had just gotten home from a walk around the block. He was sleeping, so I carefully placed him into his crib. He was so tiny laying in there. I remember reaching for my camera as if to try to capture his size forever.

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